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Spring 2021 Webinar Series - Part 1: Building an affordable, customized digital library for individualized 3rd–12th grade instruction

Join Rosen Classroom to explore our digital literacy platform created to serve 3rd–12th grade students and educators. We will review the bookshelves and features available in the product, such as assessment and reporting that keep students reading on level and provide educators information and data essential to a commitment in achievement.

Spring 2021 Webinar Series - Part 2: Explore the many features educators have for instruction and evaluation of each student

The Rosen-LightSail platform is a personalized solution for students grades 3–12. Embedded assessments and continuous progress monitoring tools keep students reading on level and provide educators information and data essential to a commitment in achievement. The platform also offers additional features, including Content Builder, Personalized Reader, and Fluency Builder.

Spring 2021 Webinar Series - Part 3: Personalize the reading experience for students requiring IEP/504 accommodations

Targeting the unique needs of each student can be an overwhelming task for educators. Additionally, it can be even more difficult to meet the needs of our students with learning challenges that require special education and IEP/504 accommodations. Using the right technology to support literacy can help students navigate text and enable teachers to accommodate students’ individual needs without adjusting the rigor of the curriculum.

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Distance Learning Challenges:
Using an adaptive literacy platform to meet ELL’s Reading, Speaking, Listening, and Writing needs.

View a recording where we, as educators facing distance learning challenges, continue to provide equity and personalized instruction for English Language Learners while assessing their progress toward English proficiency as required by many state laws.

Distance Learning Challenges:
Maintaining Literacy Rigor and Meeting IEP/504 Accommodations with Rosen-LightSail.

View a recording where we offer some tips, techniques, and strategies designed to keep our students with learning challenges, such as dyslexia and IEP/504, accommodated so they can continue to thrive in these uncharted times in education.