What if your students read 30 minutes a day in their just right zone?

Rosen-LightSail at Hauppauge Public Schools

In Hauppauge, NY, Rosen-LightSail is creating excitement around reading in the district‘s three elementary schools and motivating students to read more than ever before.

Rosen-LightSail at KIPP DC

Teachers at KIPP DC Preparatory Academy in Washington, D.C., say that Rosen-LightSail has the books that they want to read and—even outside of school—keep them on track to keep growing as readers

Rosen-LightSail at Prairie Trail School

Teachers at Prairie Trail, an Apple Distinguished elementary school, in Gurnee School District 56 are encouraged to take ownership over their learning with a true 21st century learning environment.

Rosen-LightSail at M.S. 57

Educators at M.S. 57 have seen reading engagement skyrocket since the school began using Rosen-LightSail in 2015. Teachers notice students reading in the cafeteria, on the bus, and even in the hall.

Rosen-LightSail at Butterfield Trail Middle School

Teachers and administrators at Butterfield Trail Middle School in Van Buren, Arkansas, live out the school’s moto, “ignite a passion for learning,” in their classroom each day.

What Rosen-LightSail Brings to the Classroom
Embedded Assessments

Embedded assessments are included in the student reading experience to ensure that students are engaged and growing. Low-stake, built-in assessments provide educators with the data they need.

Lexile Measure

Incorporating Lexile into our Rosen-LightSail platform allows educators to easily assign books to student based on interest and current classroom lessons and to their specialized reading level.

MetaMetrics & Cloze

Rosen-LightSail has also partnered with MetaMetrics, the creator of the Lexile framework, to embed vocabulary assessments called “cloze items” featured throughout each book.

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